6:00PM Doors Open

7:00PM Business Meeting. Nominations for officers for 2018.

8:00PM. Gene Anderson Lecture.
The​ ​Oakland​ ​Magic​ ​Circle​ ​Presents…
Gene​ ​Anderson’s​ ​Lecture:​ ​“The​ ​Book LIVE!”

Free to OMC members! $15 admission for non members

Gene Anderson’s The Book received stellar reviews when it debuted last
year. Teller called it, “A gold mine.” Nine years in the writing, each of its
twenty-three routines are from Gene’s current working repertoire, routined and tightened through many years of live performances for real people. All are described in every tiny detail.

“The Book LIVE!” Lecture builds on The Book in a rather unique way. After performing each routine, its live verbal explanation is the narration for a projected PowerPoint presentation. The resulting information is presented more succinctly, with more clarity, and more entertainingly than you’ve probably ever seen magic explanations before.

Each routine presented offers multiple lessons, but the Big Overall Take-Home Lesson is how overcoming shortcomings and tiny problems can take any published routine to higher ground. Ultimately this will make that chosen effect uniquely your own.

“Gene Anderson has raised the bar for the way all magic lectures should be done. I can honestly say it was the best lecture I have ever seen given.” – Stephen Bargatze

About​ ​Gene​ ​Anderson:

Using his joyful enthusiasm and an impish sense of
humor, the multi-talented Gene Anderson, who has
been a two time nominee for the Academy of
Magical Arts Academy Awards, skillfully weaves
laughter into each performance with an array of
eclectic props. Best known for his torn and restored
newspaper, Gene is far more than a one-trick pony,
a fact that will be immediately obvious and fully
appreciated at his “The Book LIVE!” lecture.

In​ ​this​ ​lecture,​ ​you​ ​will​ ​learn:
● Star of the Show
● Picto Transpo
● Nemo Jumbo Card Rise
● Improving your Routines
● The Hello Trick
● Vanishing Match
● Torn & Restored Newspaper
● Si Stebbins Card Routine
● Anderson Die Box Routine
● Venues and Tables
… and more, if time permits

Everything he lectures on is in
The Book, plus a whole lot more.
Special lecture price is $60 (cash)
or $65 (credit card).