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The Lecturer:

Brad Henderson has been a lifetime student of magic and a working magician since his high school days. In addition to being an accomplished performer, he has collaborated on numerous projects with notables such as Michael Ammar, Bob Farmer, Jon Racherbaumer, Alain Nu and Jeff McBride. He has taught magic for over thirty years, authored two widely acclaimed books and has written extensively for Genii, Magic, MUM, and the Linking Ring.

Though specializing in sleight of hand and mind reading, Brad has explored nearly every branch of the mystery arts and has gained a reputation for being one of magic’s most vocal defenders and critics.

The Lecture:

Brad is perhaps best known for his analytical approach to creating magic and an explanation of this approach will be the foundation and framework of his lecture.

Using tricks as needed for illustrative purposes, he will discuss valuable ways of approaching magic, share theories and strategies that are essential to the creation of magic that reaches the level of an art form. Brad’s goal will be to provide you with knowledge that should allow you as a magician to progress, improve and ultimately realize your own creative visions.

“Brad is one of the deepest thinkers in the world of magic.” – Jeff McBride

“(Brad) has very strong opinions, and is not afraid to express them emphatically. If you see him perform, you’ll realize that he backs up everything he says….” – Max Maven

This lecture is free to OMC members who have paid their 2020 membership dues of $20, which can be paid on the night of the lecture. Admission to the lecture for non-members of the OMC and members who paid not paid their dues is $20.This is a blatant deal to get all of you to pay your dues at the start of the year.

Doors open 6:00PM.
Business meeting 7:00PM
Lecture 8:00PM