Oakland Magic Circle Interclub Stage & Parlor Contest
Rules and Guidelines

Time & Place: Tuesday, January 10, 2023, 7:30 pm at the Scottish Rite Center, 1547 Lakeside Drive, Oakland 94612.

Eligibility For Participation: Each contestant must represent a Northern California magic club.


– First Place – $150, trophy and invitation to perform (for pay) at the OMC Gala with Alex Ramon on Monday, February 6, 2023.

-Second Place – $100 **

-Third Place – $75 ***

A minimum of three contestants are required for the contest to occur. *If there are 3 contestants only First Place will be awarded. ** Second Place will be awarded with 4-5 contestants. ***Third Place will be awarded if there are 6 or more contestants.

General Contest Rules:
• – Performances are to be presented live, in person on the auditorium stage at the Scottish Rite Center, 1547 Lakeside Drive, Oakland CA 94612.
• – Performances may consist of stage or parlor magic of any type or description.
• – The magic must be easily viewed by an audience from the stage.
• – The effects performed, patter and presentation must be family friendly.
• – The use of fire of any sort in the performance is not permitted.
• – Performances must be no less than EIGHT (8) and no more than TWELVE (12) minutes in duration. (See performance time guidelines below.)
– The use of “on stage” assistants (supporting cast members routinely involved in the contestant’s performance) is permitted.
– The use of “audience volunteers” is permitted.
– Audience members will be required to wear masks but the performers will not be required during their presentation and audience volunteers have a choice to keep them on or not while on stage.

Entry Procedure:
– Please send an email expressing your interest in competing no later than Noon, Thursday, January 5, 2023, to Marc McGuire at marc.c.mcguire@gmail.com.
Subject line: “Stage Contest.”
Please include the performer’s name, email and phone number in the submission.

Tell us the type of act (comedy, mentalism, illusions, other) so we can create an order that separates similar types of acts.

Performance Time Guidelines:
– Performances are to be no less than EIGHT (8) and no more than TWELVE (12) minutes in duration.
– Measurement of performance time will begin and end with the first and concluding words spoken or actions taken to perform the effect.
– Performers will be alerted if the OMC timekeeper’s measurement exceeds twelve minutes. A grace period of one minute (short or long) will be allowed. The judges will take into consideration if an act is under six minutes or over thirteen minutes. An act that exceeds fifteen minutes will be disqualified from the contest.

Technical Guidelines:
The contest will occur on a full stage with curtains. The performer can use the full stage or perform in front of the curtain. There is backstage space for props.
Contestants will be sent a questionnaire to request any special tech needs regarding stage, lights, sound, etc.

Judging: A panel of independent judges will determine the winners.

General Notes:
You are encouraged to invite family and friends. Free admission but masks are required.
*Free off-street Parking in the lot behind the building at 1506 Madison Street.
There is a ramp to the building to roll your equipment. Access will start at 5:30 pm for load in. The contest will start at 7:30 pm.
– Recording – The contest will be recorded and made available on the OMC website for members to view. Contestants agree to this recording.
If contestants have any questions concerning the contest or special requirements contact the OMC Contest Coordinator, Marc McGuire: marc.c.mcguire@gmail.com.