The Oakland Magic Circle Newsletter Archive

The monthly newsletter tells about upcoming meetings with detailed info, reports of books and films in our library plus news, history, humor and more. The newsletter is on hiatus until a new editor is found but past issues are fun to read.

OMC March 2024 Newletter– InterClub Stage Contest, Magical Resource: Conjuring Chronicles & Inside the Magician’s Studio, News You Can Use, Bay Area Magic

 May 2023 Newsletter– Ken Trombly lecture, 5 Questions, Magic Resources of the Month: Illusion Repository, News You Can Use, Bay Area Magic

OMC April 2023 Newsletter– – In Memory of Gloria Dea, Robert Armstrong & David Martinez Answer Five Questions, Magical Resource of the Month- “Tips and Tricks for Magicians”

OMC Newsletter March 2023-Magic Gala Performers, Alex Ramon Answers 5 Questions, Magic Resources: Blackpool Convention 2023

OMC February 2023 News. Tori Noquez answers 5 Questions, Fred Casto 1940-2023, Stage Contest winners, Magic Resource: Spook Shows

December 2022-January 2023– Xavier Mortimer Lecture report; Ropes Night report; Meet the Interclub Stage Contest performers; Resource: REEL

November 2022 News– Apparatus Night report; Remembering Gerald Joseph, Andre Kole & Max Maven; Resource: Screening Room

September-October 2022 News– Intraclub Stage Magic Contest & Remembering Martin Lewis; Resource:My Lovely Assistant/Magic Reviewed

August 2022 News– Paul Lembo Lecture; Doug Eakin’s FISM report; Showmanship Tips; Resource: Findacadabra

July 2022 News– Amanda Nepo Lecture; Resource:Craig Petty’s Magic TV

May-June 2022 News– Phil Ackerly Lecture;Building a mini close-up stage for $2; Resource: Charles Green III on Ionia

March-April 2022 OMC Newsletter Review of Gala show starring Mario the Maker Magician, Meriam Al Sultan, James Chan, Cap’n Jack Spareribs (Ace Miles) & Cousin Otis. Resource:The Jerx

February 2022 OMC Newsletter -Bizzaro Lecture; Resource: David Copperfield’s History of Magic

Dec. 2021-Jan. 2022 Newsletter -Suzanne Lecture review & December Virtual Magic Contest review; Resource: Lybrary

November 2021 Newsletter -Shawn Faquhar Lecture; Resource: Conjuring Archive

October 2021 Newsletter– Halloween Special – Christian Cagigal hosts Tiffany Allen, Jamie Salinas, and Joe Diamond plus lots of Halloween ideas, resources and Spook Show posters gallery

September 2021 Newsletter -Mike Caveney Sawing in Half Lecture with loads of bonus material; Sawing Illusion in Popular Culture

September Bonus: Sawing in Half in the Comics and Cartoons

August 2021 Newsletter -Mark Shortland Lecture; Resource: Magic Feeds and News Reports

 July 2021 News-Jen Kramer Lecture; Resource: Finding vintage magic in film archives

June 2021 OMC Newsletter -David Hirata Lecture; Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Magic Extras; Resource: The Magic Detective

OMC May 2021 Newsletter – David Jonathan Lecture; Pulling a rabbit out of a hat cartoon classics; Resource: Abra TV

March-April, 2021 OMC Newsletter  -Heather Rogers Lecture review & Chris Capehart Lecture; February Virtual Contest performers and winners; Derek Delgaudio is Everywhere; Resource: Weird History

January 2021 OMC News – Magical Nathaniel Lecture; Resource: Wild About Harry

OMC Dec-2020 Newsletter– Anna DeGuzman Lecture; Performing Virtually; Who was Luu Hurst?;Resource: 14 Great Magicians select their Top Ten Magic Books

OMC November 2020 Newsletter » Morgan & West Lecture; Mario the Maker Lecture mini review; OMC 1926; Houdini Seance film streaming; Local Magicians’ books;”Resource: iTricks Magic News

Sept/Oct 2020 Newsletter »-Ran’D Shine with special guest Joshua Messado Lecture review & Halloween Special with Todd Robbins, David Parr, Paul Draper hosted by Christian Cagigal; Max Malini at OMC, 1932; Resource: Black Magicians Matter part 2

August 2020 Newsletter » Kozmo Lecture; Covid Magic Posters; Resource: Magician’s Advice

July 2020 OMC Newsletter » -Magic Flix All Stars: s Kent Axell, Luna Shimada, William Bradshaw, Eric Stevens & Watkins plus club President Robert Herrick answers 5 questions; Black Magicians Matter; From the OMC archives; Remembering Marvin Roy; Resource: Magic Collector’s Corner

June 2020 OMC Newsletter » Meir Yedid Lecture; Disney in Magic; Resource: Magic Orthodoxy Reviews

May 2020 OMC Newsletter » Our first online meeting with 30 minute lectures by Kayla Drescher, Patrick Martin and Scott Wells with special guest Jamie Salinas; Tributes to Norm Nielsen and Roy Horn; To Stream or Not to Stream?; Resource: Martin’s Magic

April 2020 OMC Newsletter » Trapped at Home; Tamaka’s 5 Questions; Magicians in the Comics; Resource: Conjuring Arts & Library and Reel Magic.

March 2020 OMC Newsletter »Magic Teach-Ins with Doug Eakin, Gregg Fox and Mark Tarses; Installation Banquet and Stage Show review with Heather Rogers, Phil Ackerly, Tamaka, and emcee Glen Micheletti; 5 Questions for Phil Ackerly; Resource: Magicana

February 2020 OMC Newsletter » Brad Henderson Lecture review; Heather Rogers answers 5 Questions; A Library Love Affair; Resource: Magic Auctions

January 2020 OMC Newsletter » Brad Henderson Lecture; Adam Cheyer answers 5 Questions; Resource: The Business of Magic

December 2019 Newsletter » David Liotta’s Corner: Dribble Glasses, E-Ray Specs, & Joy Buzzers: a vintage joke collection; reviews of Apparatus Night and OMC Halloween magic; Remembering Loren Lind and Father Mathew Vellankal; OMC History Quiz; Magic Auction; Resource: Inexpensive Ideas for Holiday Magic

October 2019 OMC News– Multiplying Golf Balls Teach-in and giveaway; Northern California Inter-Club Stage Contest review with seven acts; OMC Spook Show Archives; Rosabelle, Believe: Bess Houdini at OMC; Resource: The Magic Nook “Do It Yourself Magic”

September 2019 OMC News– Intra-Club Stage Contest review; Library News; from the OMC Archives History Quiz; Resource: The Magic Cafe

The OMC August 2019 News  Remembering Larry Callaghan; OMC History Quiz; Resource: Vanish Magazine

 Download the July 2019 OMC newsletter » Lasso Rope; Close-Up Competition review; Resource: Rick Lax is Making Magic

Download the June 2019 OMC Newsletter » Svengali Deck and Lasso Rope teach-in review; Max Malini; Johnny Thompson- Celebration of Life video; Resource: Mel Keintz’s Magician’s Life

Download the May 2019 OMC Newsletter »  Magic in Silent Cinema; Adelaide Herrmann at OMC; Resource: Magic Roadshow

Click to download the April 2019 OMC Newsletter » From the Archives; Resource: The Magic Word podcast;

Click to download the March 2019 Newsletter » Review of 94th Installation Banquet and Stage Show featuring Doug Eakin, as emcee with Glen Micheletti’s award-winning Cousin OTiS act opening for Carisa Hendrix as Lucy Darling; Resource: Shezam! podcast