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Next Virtual Lecture: Tuesday, November 2- SHAWN FARQUHAR


The Oakland Magic Circle presents a Virtual Lecture:


Tuesday, November 2 at 7:00pm (PT)- “Doors open’ at 6:30pm.


Shawn has fooled Penn & Teller twice, being the first magician to ever fool them).

And at his OMC virtual lecture this multiple time winner of the World Championship of Magic will try to fool us—and then reveal some of his secrets in a 2+ hour lecture followed by a live Q&A.  The lecture offers magic with photos, poker chips, pieces of paper, iPhones, wallets, hotel key cards, and of course cards.

The card tricks are not your typical ones, and most will enjoy those as well.

Watch many of his effects in performance on hs website:

Shawn will offer a special discounted lecture package for this who “attend” this virtual lecture.

He has been a keynote speaker/lecturer for the worlds’ best magic events including London’s famed Magic Circle, Siegfried & Roy’s World Magic Seminar and the world’s largest magic convention in Blackpool, England.

“What sets him apart from every other ‘rabbit pulling’ magic act? Just that! He’s not some rabbit pulling magic act. In fact he has been described as having ‘connected the skills of his talent with the passion in his heart.” Shawn offers a show that involves the audience in an experience of magic and comedy that is unparalleled.”

Shawn’s magic can be seen on Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube where many of his videos have been viewed millions of times!  Shawn has performed on cruise ships and in more than forty countries including extensive tours of China, Europe, and Japan as well as shows in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and off-Broadway in New York.

He has brought together some of the world’s greatest magicians as producer of the recent PCAM and IBM Virtual conventions.

Some of his inventions and lectures are available at your favorite magic dealer like San Francisco’s Misdirections (where OMC members get a discount). He also has much more magic for sale at his Palmer Magic shop.

His speakeasy style live and in-person show, Hidden Wonders, is being presented in Vancouver every weekend.

Shawn fooled Penn & Teller not once but twice. He recently returned for a third appearance. Will he fool you?

Here is his appearance on Ellen.

Shawn has appeared in movies and on various TV shows. At his busy YouTube channel you can see many of his effects including on Masters of Illusion,and variations of his amazing Vanishing Bottle.

Support his movie project, “Lost in the Shuffle.”

Visit his Website.

And follow Shawn on the social media platforms of your choice.

Facebook – Twitter – Instagram

Members and visitors are encouraged to perform after the lecture.

These lectures are free to all current OMC members.

To join see below.

Individual admissions will be $10 and must be purchased no later than 12 non PDT on Tuesday, October 5. Or join the club for $20 ($10 for juniors under 15) and get many benefits. Details below.

====================.              OMC Virtual Magic Contest

The Oakland Magic Circle is pleased to announce another OMC Virtual Magic Contest will be conducted via a Zoom meeting on Tuesday, December 7, 2021, beginning at 7:00 pm.  Now is the time for Members to polish their acts for presentation during the Contest.  

Cash prizes will be awarded in the amounts of $150 for First Place, $100 for Second Place and $75 for Third Place.

Eligibility: All OMC Members and Membership Applicants who have paid their dues for 2021 are eligible to participate in the Contest. There must be a minimum of 6 performers entered and a maximum of 10.

 ​​All categories of magic (Close-Up, Parlor, Stage, etc.) are welcome to participate in the Contest.  Performances may be either “live” or pre-recorded for presentation during the Zoom meeting.  Performances should be at least six minutes in length and no longer than twelve minutes. 

Full Details Here.


Sign in to your PayPal account here, or register for one:​ ​
2) Send $10 to:​ ​

Note that you are sending money to a friend to avoid a service charge.

Also state the name of the lecturer in the note section.

You will get your link by 3pm on Tuesday, the day of the lecture (the night before for afternoon lectures).


There are currently 89 members including working professionals, aspiring pros, hobbyists and collectors. Join us.

2021 dues are $20.00 through December, 2021.

Youth Membership- under 15-year-olds: $10

If you want to apply for membership send an email to requesting an application.

Please mail a check to:

Oakland Magic Circle
c/o Marc McGuire
1737 Alhambra Lane
Oakland CA 94611


Use your PayPal account to pay dues– enter the following information to send your $10 or $20 payment to Oakland Magic Circle:
1) Sign in to your PayPal account here, or register for one:​ ​
2) Send money to:​ ​

Note that you are sending money to a friend.

Joining or renewing now will get you:

Exclusive Members Only benefits through December 2021:

Free Admission to all OMC Lectures, even if there is a fee for non-members

Exclusive access to most past lectures (you’d pay more than the dues fees just to see one of them from a dealer)

Eligibility to compete for cash prizes and trophies in OMC contests

Access to our large library of books and DVDs (when we can meet in person again) and regular updates of what we have

-10% Discount on orders of $40 or more from Byron Walker Magic Books

-10% Discount on orders of $30 or more (in-person, by phone or online) from Misdirections Magic Shop in San Francisco

Free magic props for special in-person teach-ins

-Advance announcement for special events so you can reserve your place

                                     -More benefits coming

Your modest dues (we have kept them low for years) help us:

-Present monthly events including lectures, contests, and when in-person meetings return, our auction/flea market, two dinner shows, renting a meeting hall with a fully equipped stage, increasing our fantastic library, all while providing a forum for local magicians to meet and share.

It isn’t just about paying your dues but helping build our club, the oldest independent magic club west of the Mississippi, operating continuously since 1925. We want you to help keep the club relevant and contemporary, both learning from past and present trends while looking to the future.

We look forward to all meeting in person in January 2022 at our beautiful new meeting place to be announced soon.


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