Tuesday, November 15

          Magic with Ropes Teach-In Night (details below)

Tuesday, December 6

         Xavier MortimerLas Vegas and Internet Sensation showing us magic and in conversation with Adam Cheyer -in person at the Scottish Rite Center.  (Virtual TBD) You don’t want to miss this rare opportunity. Members Free. Non-Members $20.

 Tuesday, January 10, 2023

        Northern California Interclub Stage Contest

Cash Prizes + First Place Trophy and paid appearance at the February Gala in person.

Monday, February 6. 2023

        Oakland Magic Circle Magic Gala starring Alex Ramon with other acts to be announced. In person.


          Magic with Ropes Teach-In Night

Tuesday, November 15

Doors and library open at 6:00

Open to the magic community.

Meeting starts at 7pm with brief business and good of the order announcements.

In Person at Oakland’s Scottish Rite Center Blue Room, 3rd Floor via elevator or steps

Free off-street parking

Also via  Virtual via Zoom

A variety of rope magic effects will be demonstrated and taught including The Impossible Knot, Cut & Restored variations, and Professor’s Nightmare.

Members are encouraged to join the fun and perform and teach too.

All paid members in attendance will get 50 feet of brand new red soft yet strong cotton rope.

Bring your own scissors.

We would love to have someone talk about the Indian Rope Trick.

If you know in advance that you’d like to teach or perform, please write to:
Robert Herrick.

And you can show up and do something last minute with ropes or anything that you are working on..

Come early and join other magicians across the street at Lake Chalet for Taco Tuesday, starting at 3pm. Great food, great prices and great friends outdoors on the lakeside deck.

Per the policy of the Scottish Rite Center and the OMC, Proof of Vaccination and masks are required except when appearing on stage.

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 After the meeting- Plan Ahead

Show & Sell

Present an effect you’d like to sell but first you must perform it. If someone wants to buy it they can express interest and you can work out details privately.

Open Stage– Perform something you are working on and get feedback if you are interested.


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