Phil Ackerly will share his magic, insights, marketing tips, stories and a few magical effects with us at our October meeting.  He’ll show us how he is able to do 3 to 4, and sometime 5 shows a day, and still get to the next gig in time.

He will explain how he went from being a Marketing Engineer to one of the busiest full-time performers for the past 24 years.  He will talk about working with music, creating routines, scripting, sound systems, and how to differentiate yourself.

Phil Ackerly’s web site: Phil Ackerly

Doors will open at 6:00PM.

The meeting will start 7:00PM.

Admission is free.

The Oakland Magic Circle  invites the best magicians from the Northern California magic clubs to compete with the winner receiving a cash prize and the opportunity to perform at our February 2017 Installation Banquet.

The pasta banquet includes meat and vegetarian entrees, salad, vegetables, garlic bread, beverage, and for dessert a Mark Tarses chocolate dipped cookie.

To buy tickets, go to: Magic Competition & Banquet Tickets.

Click here to see flyer:  OMCbanquet2016

Our annual intra-club stage contest is August 2. The winner will receive $150 and the right to represent the Oakland Magic Circle in the Inter-Club Stage Contest on September 6. The runner-up will receive $75. Contestants must be dues-paid members of the Oakland Magic Circle.

6:30PM Doors open

7:15PM Business meeting

8:00PM Contest begins

There will no meeting of the Oakland Magic Circle this month.

Our June meeting will be the OMC annual Intra-Club Close-Up Contest. ‘Intra-club’ means that you have to be a member – a PAID UP MEMBER – of the Oakland Magic Circle. If you want to compete in this contest and haven’t paid your 2016 membership dues, send a check to our treasurer, Robert Herrick, ASAP. You can also just give Robert your dues at the June meeting before the contest. Acts in the contest should be between 6 minutes and 12 minutes maximum. The winner will receive $100 and a trophy and the runner-up will get $50.


One of the first rules of magic is this: close-up tricks and stage tricks are not the same thing. I went to Markers Faire yesterday (May 22) at the San Mateo Fairgrounds. They had back-to-back magic shows on an outdoor stage, including a performance by OMC member Magical Nathaniel. There were several hundred people watching the magic show. I was seated about 40 feet from the stage, about halfway back in the audience. The first magician did Gypsy Thread, a very bad trick to do for for an outdoor audience sitting far away from you. I didn’t see the thread at all, and I was looking for it, as were the people sitting near me.  All I could see were the magician’s hands moving as through there was a thread between them. He then did a ball trick using balls about 1 inch in diameter. I think I saw one or two of the balls, but I’m not sure. When a magician comes to do a magic show, more often than not, he doesn’t know what the setup of the room or theater is going to look like. Be prepared to make changes in your routine so that it is appropriate to the venue.