6:00PM. Doors open.

7:00PM. Business meeting.

8:00PM. Christian Cagigal presentation and open performances. Christian Cagigal is Co-Founder of the new Fog City Magic Fest, and the new owner of the San Francisco Ghost Hunt Walking Tour, a 17 year tradition in the city by the bay.

The Oakland Magic Circle invites the best magicians from the Northern California magic clubs to compete with the winner receiving a cash prize and the opportunity to perform at our February 2018 Installation Banquet.

The pasta banquet includes meat and vegetarian entrees, salad, vegetables, garlic bread, beverage, and for dessert a Mark Tarses chocolate dipped cookie.

To buy tickets, go to: Banquet Tickets.

Here’s the event flyer: OMCbanquet9:17


Our annual Intra-club stage contest is August 1st. The winner will receive $100 and the right to represent the Oakland Magic Circle in the Inter-Club Stage Contest on September 5. The runner-up will receive $50. Contestants must be dues-paid members of the Oakland Magic Circle.

6:00 PM Doors open

7:00 PM Business Meeting

8:00 PM Contest begins

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

6:00PM-Doors open : Gathering of the wizards to share ideas, discuss things and catch up over coffee and cookies.

7:00PM-Business meeting and Card Warp teach-in ; Broken Wand for James Hamilton

Competition 8:00PM

June 2017 Newsletter is full of great articles and news plus a feature article about James Hamilton. They are available on this site.

Close Up Competition

June is our annual Lloyd E. Jones Close Up Contest.

First prize is $100. Second prize is $50.

Here are some of the basic rules:

– All acts are to be 6-12 minutes in length.

– All non-competing OMC members are eligible to vote.

– Voting members must be present for the full duration of the competition.

Please make sure your material is family friendly and keep in mind our setup is on the larger end of close up, as we have a group of around 30 people watching. We will have a close up pad that can be adapted to be at an angle, but please be sure to plan your act accordingly so everybody can see and enjoy.

Best of luck preparing and we are looking forward to seeing your act!

June Post MeetingDinner

After the June competition, we will be going to get a late dinner, and you are invited! This is a great way to get to know other OMC members, session, talk shop, and hang out! We’ll meet at Rudy’s Can’t Fail Cafe at 4081 Hollis Street in Emeryville. Last month we had a great turnout, so the more the merrier! Hope you will be able


TUESDAY, MAY 2, 2017

Magic Teach in and Lecture by Kim Silverman

Free to attend!

During the Business Meeting we will be teaching how to make a basic flap card and some different ways of performing it. There will even be some extra cards for people to make their own with!

Next, we have none other than master magician and storyteller extraordinaire Kim Silverman!

Kim Silverman

This lecture will not teach any new tricks. We all already know too many tricks. And we perform too many of them less well than they, or our audiences, deserve.
When Kim performs magic, people often cry, hug him, look him in the eye and say “Thank you! I needed that!”. We all want to make a deep impact when we perform magic. This lecture will present a number of ways to make our magic more meaningful and memorable for people, to give our audiences a deeper experience of mystery. This will include character, body language, eye contact, timing, articulation and intonation (many magicians don’t really know what these words actually mean!). But most importantly: scripting. Two approaches will be suggested to make our magic touch people more deeply, and both will be demonstrated with a number of performance pieces.

After the May meeting, we will all be going to get a late dinner, and you are invited! This is a great way to get to know other OMC members, session, talk shop, and hang out! We’ll meet at Rudy’s Can’t Fail Cafe at 4081 Hollis Street in Emeryville. Hope you will be able to join us!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

6:00 PM – Doors Open

7:00 – Business Meeting and Teach-In

8:00 PM – Kim Silverman Lecture

Bjornson Hall
2258 MacArthur Blvd.
Oakland, CA 94602