Heather Rogers is an award winning Mind-Magician who has presented magical programs at over 4,000 public and private events ranging in all sizes and venues, ranging from Barack Obama’s Inaugural Ball in D.C. to the Wonder Dome in Las Vegas. She is also a popular Motivational Speaker for companies, workshops and TEDx, Experience Designer and Co-Founder of Curated Entertainment. She took First Place at the Oakland Magic Circle’s 2019 Stage Competition and she is one of the headliners at the Gala show on February 4.

We asked her the following Questions and she offered great Answers.

1. Please tell us the first magic trick(s) you were proud to perform and about how old were you?

I started relatively late in magic, in my late 20’s. The first effects I learned were“Shadow Coins” matrix,8-card Brain Waveand “Chicago Opener”.

2. And the first important magic book(s) and why?

“Show Doctor”by Jeff McBride covers not just the‘what’ but the ‘why’ and ‘how’ to grow in magic.

Bill Tarr’s books were the first I encountered and they remain close to my heart. They are accessible, and the visual illustrations are good.

Paul Harris’3 volume set, “The Art of Astonishment”are fantastic.(Vol. 1 can be read online here.)

Mike Cavney’s “Wonders” and “Conference Illusions”set is also great.

I have the full “Tarbell Course in Magic“and find it to be indispensable.

3. If you were going to a desert island for six months to do a deep dive into your magic what three effects would you take with you to perfect? And what three books would you bring along?

I would take on the challenge of learning and memorizing all of Luke Jermey’smaterial.

I would also bring“Device and Illusion”by Jim Steinmeyer,“Mastering the Art of Illusion”by Eugene Burger , and“Theatre of the Mind” by Barrie Richardson because they are all thought provoking.

4. You are planning a dinner party followed by your magic show. Among the guests can be any five people from history (living or dead, magician or not). Who would you invite?

Stephen Colbert, Leonardo Da Vinci, Nikola Tesla, Lily Tomlin, Carol Burnett & Lucille Ball

5. What are words of wisdom or advice you can offer for aspiring prestidigitators? 

I’ll share a recent post I put on Face Book that sums up the power and importance of magic:

“As a new year approaches with all of its possibility and promise, I’m reminded of the power of Magic to forge new contexts and blow open new paradigms of potential. When a Close-up Magician greets you, they use metaphor, narrative and surprise to invite you into new geographic areas of your being. This magical experience lives outside the brain. Those who ‘can’t stand’ magic are unable, even for a moment, to step outside of the brain’s perimeters and experience the full mystery of ‘here & now’. These ‘little tricks’ are actually powerful gifts that can launch you outside of time and into the endless expanse of the part of you that remains when all the rest is wiped away. There are other portals to ‘the infinite you’, but I think Magic is the most fun and most instant.”


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Gary Meyer will be giving a Svengali deck teach-in and giving away 30 Svengali decks!

We will also be showing Make Believe!

We encourage young magicians to join us as the program will have special interest to them.


6:00pm- Doors Open

7:00- Business Meeting.

7:30- Svengali Deck Teach-In

8:00- Screening


The Teach-in will be about the Svengali Deck (all paid members will get a free deck and, subject to supply, guests under 18).

Using the Svengali Deck requires minimal skill (though practice is essential). It is an easy way to force a card where sleights are not needed to carry a magical routine forward. Gary Meyer first encountered a Svengali Deck as a preteen and will perform a routine combining the deck with other props and then discuss the workings of the Deck. We encourage others to perform their own acts using Svengali principles including Double Blanks, Sven Pad or even the Magic Coloring Book.


MAKE BELIEVE is a coming of age journey set in the quirky subculture of magic, MAKE BELIEVE follows six of the world’s best young magicians as they battle for the title of Teen World Champion.
This movie has an 85% on Rotten Tomatoes »


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