The Jen Kramer recorded conversation with Adam Cheyer of July 6 is available for members. Check your email for the link and password. Past lectures also ready for viewing include David Jonathan, Heather Rogers, David Hirata, Chris Capehart, Anna DeGuzman and Magical Nathaniel along with the 2021 OMC Magic Competition.

The Oakland Magic Circle presents Virtual Lectures for August and September 2021

Mark Shortland live from England.

Saturday August 7- 12 noon PDT

The creator of The Amazebox  will offer two hours of practical magic you can do. And you will be laughing all the way.

Visit his Website.

In his lecture Mark will teach several effects requiring no special gimmicks including:

The Bill Switch- 3 versions

Cards Across (watch video  @ 5:05 minutes)

Fortune Teller Force (performed on @ 8.12 mins,)

Not a Knife Thru Jacket (the classic done with anything)

Invisible assistant – volunteer’s invisible friend finds a freely chosen card

53 Movies – Instantly know what movie your volunteer is thinking of using a special deck created by Mark.

And finally

The AmazeBox – Mark writes, “I will teach my routine as well as talk about reverse engineering of mentalist effects, so if your members don’t own one they will still get something from that segment which will help their performances.”

For reviews, performances and more Amaze Box go here. There are updated versions: Kraft and Black.

There will be a Q&A session.

Members and visitors are encouraged to perform after the lecture.

Mike Caveney lecturing on the history of sawing a person in half relating to his new book, “One Hundred Years of Sawing.”

Tuesday, Sept 7 – 7pm PDT

The New York Times published an article on the 100th anniversary of the Sawing Illusion asking,

Why has this trick survived, when so many others haven’t? If you ask magicians — I spoke with six — they eventually land on one answer. “It’s just the simplicity of it,” said Mike Caveney, a magician who’s writing a history of the trick. “Magicians say a good trick is one that can be described in a few words, and ‘sawing a lady in half’ is very few words,” he added.

But the secrecy around how the trick is done obviously adds to its appeal, too. As much as everyone thinks they know how it works, “There might be 20 different methods in popular use.”

Mike will virtually join us to present a new lecture discussing his upcoming book.

You do not want to miss this.

Explore Mike’s website.

These lectures are free to all current OMC members.

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Upcoming and Past Meetings

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Protected: Anna DeGuzman – Queen of Cardistry – Oakland Magic Circle Lecture

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